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Paper 6 - 18 July 1997 Meeting


Friday 18 July 1997


Paper from the Policy Officer


1. That nominations be made to outside bodies as shown in the appendix.

2. That the guidelines set out in paragraph 5 for representation and reporting back be approved for consultation.

3. That the Associationís representatives be consulted about the guidelines and asked to report back annually.


1. The Associationís meeting on 6 June asked for a review of the procedure for representation on outside bodies. This paper recommends new guidelines for appointment of representatives and reporting back.

Review of representation on outside bodies

2.The list showing the Associationís representation on outside bodies has been updated since the last meeting and is attached.

3.My impression is that representatives value the chance to contribute to these outside bodies. Whilst it is fair to say that they do not generally report back, it is also true that they are rarely asked about the work they put in.

Southern Arts

4.The last meeting of the Association queried the fact that Southern Arts was not seeking representation from the Association. The reason is that Southern Arts now has a representative of all constituent councils on its full Company. Each district and unitary council is represented directly, as is the County Council.


5.The Association will be asked to appoint its representatives at the annual meeting in June. The following guidelines might be considered for representatives on outside bodies and for reporting back:

5.1 The overall objective must be "the best person for the job" given that the outside bodies generally have work to do which is not political. In considering who is the best person, the need for some reasonable continuity of service on an outside body should be taken into account.

5.2 If 5.1 is satisfied then the intention should be to achieve both a geographic and political spread amongst Association representatives. The spread should reflect the geography of Hampshire and the political make-up of constituent authorities.

5.3 If a constituent authority has a particular interest in providing a representative on a particular outside body then it should be free to state this to the Association. They will then be given preference in allocation of places if 5.2 is broadly satisfied.

5.4 Members representing the Association should report back to the Association annually on the work of the outside body and the main issues (if any) for the Association arising from the work. Such reports should be brief and might accompany an annual report or other suitable general report on the outside body.

5.5 Where the Association is represented by more than one member, they should work together to prepare a report back.

5.6 Where an officer also represents the Association, the officer should normally co-ordinate the report back.

Implementing the Guidelines

6. It is easier to implement guidelines if the Associationís representatives understand them and agree with them. It is recommended that the Associationís representatives be consulted at this stage. Once they have had the chance to comment, and any further points have been considered by this Association, they can be implemented.

7. It is recommended that the guidelines on representation (5.1 - 5.3) be implemented as vacancies occur, and that the guidelines on reporting back (5.4 - 5.6) be implemented forthwith.

8. The Association needs to appoint members to seven outside bodies at this meeting, as shown in the Appendix.

Policy Officer

Annex available on request

Last update: 04/09/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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