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Paper 10 - 25 September 1998 Meeting 


25 September 1998



Report by the Large Sites Implementation Group of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers' Group


That the protocol for multi-agency negotiations on large development sites be adopted.

1. The Deposit Hampshire County Structure Plan (Review) 1996-2011 contains proposals for four major development areas to be established in order to accommodate a significant proportion of the county's need for housing outside existing built-up areas over the period to 2011. Although the content of the Structure Plan has yet to be confirmed, the County Council and the district planning authorities affected by the major development area proposals have established an officer working group to examine issues associated with the implementation of the major development areas and other large-scale development proposals.

2. One of the most important issues being addressed by the Large Sites Implementation Group is the process of securing the provision of infrastructure and facilities to serve these developments and their future residents.

3. The practice of securing 'planning gain' in conjunction with development is now well-established. The Group has, however, been concerned that the benefits secured have not always been maximised and that the needs of the new community and of other residents affected by the development have not been adequately reflected in the benefits secured.

4. In order to address these concerns the Group has therefore developed a protocol, set out on the attached sheet, for joint working between the County Council and the district planning authorities and other organisations and agencies with an interest in the development in relation to the provision of infrastructure and facilities associated with large development sites in Hampshire.

5. The principles of the protocol are that:

i. the public authorities jointly agree on a schedule of infrastructure and facilities to be secured.

ii. the public authorities present a united front in negotiation with landowners and developers.

iii. the local planning authority co-ordinates negotiations and is the central point of contact for the negotiating team.

6. The protocol should give all agencies and organisations with an interest in, or responsibility for, the provision of infrastructure, services and facilities to serve new development equal opportunity to influence the benefits to be sought. This could be of particular benefit to those, such as agencies in the health sector, who have not traditionally been able to play a part in this process and whose needs have therefore not been addressed.

7. The protocol has been endorsed by the County Surveyor and by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Chief Planning Officers Group who asked that it be submitted to the Association of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities for adoption at their next meeting. HIPOG suggested that subject to the Association's approval, the Chief Executive of each authority should sign the agreement.

8. It is intended that the protocol should form a part of best practice guidance notes on the negotiation of infrastructure and facilities to serve large developments being prepared by the Large Sites Implementation Group for consultation later in the year.

Eastleigh Borough Council
For the Large Sites Implementation Group

Copy of Annex available on request

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Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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