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Paper 12 - 25 September 1998 Meeting 


25 September 1998


Report by the Honorary Treasurer


That the accounts be adopted.

1. This was the first financial year for the Association of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities. The initial funds were introduced as a General Reserve at 1 June 1997 (2420.80) having been transferred from the former Hampshire and Isle of Wight Association of District Councils.

2. The Association has made a surplus for the year, which was forecast in the financial monitoring reports to the Association meetings in January and May 1998. This can be attributed to:-

(a) lower than anticipated running costs; reprographics and postage in particular. The underspend on postage results from a deliberate policy to promote the use of Hampshire County Council's courier service which is currently free of charge to all member authorities on the mainland;

(b) a delayed start for the appointment of the Secretary/Office Administrator who assists the Policy Officer; and

(c) further set up costs programmed for the second financial year. A request has been made by the Policy Officer to purchase a portable computer in 1998/99, which will enhance his work for the Association.

3. The reimbursement to Eastleigh for support-related costs has been paid since the end of the financial year. In future Eastleigh will be reimbursed on a regular basis.

4. Due to the timing of the funding advances paid by each participating Council, considerable cash resources were available to the Association during the year. Now that the cash flow for the Association is more easy to predict, I will be investing more of these resources with the host Council. This should yield improved returns over the situation for 1997/98 with regard to interest on balances.


5. Pages 3 to 6 show the actual accounts for the year 1 June 1997 to 31 May 1998. The accounts are currently with the Honorary Auditor, Jon Pulsford, County Treasurer, Isle of Wight Council. Any comments on the accounts will be reported to the Association in due course.

 Honorary Treasurer

Copy of attachments available on request

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Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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