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Paper 5 - 27 November 1998 Meeting 


27 November 1998



Report of the Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council


(1) That the arrangements for representation on the Southern Regional Environmental Protection Committee and the appointment of Councillor M F Cartwright by the County Council be noted; and

(2) That consideration be given to the appointment of the second member to represent Hampshire and the Isle of Wight on the Committee.


This report concerns arrangements for representation on the Southern Regional Environment Protection Advisory Committee. The Committee advises the Environment Agency on a number of issues. Its terms of reference are appended.


1. When the Committee was established by the Environment Agency in 1996 five places were for local authorities. The then Local Authority Associations agreed how the seats should be divided up between the different types of authority; three places were allocated to the county councils, which at that stage included the Isle of Wight, and two places were allocated to the district councils. Given the new structure of local authorities in the Advisory Committee's area, the Local Government Association requested that agreement be reached locally on the basis for future appointments. All the County Councils in the area - Hampshire, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex - have agreed there should be one representative for each Local Government Association area and that the fifth place be shared between this Association and Kent, rotating every two years, starting on 1 April 1999 with this Association.

2. Given its strategic responsibilities, the County Council has appointed Councillor M F Cartwright who served on the Committee under the existing arrangements up to February 1998. Councillor Mrs Brenda Smith of New Forest District Council is serving on the Committee currently and it is suggested that this appointment be extended from 1 April 1999 to 31 March 2001.

Chief Executive, Hampshire County Council


Environment Agency
Regional Environment Protection Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

1. The Regional Environment Protection Advisory Committee ('the Committee') shall be stablished and maintained by the Environment Agency ('the Agency'), in accordance with Section 12 of the Environment Act 1995.

2. The Committee shall advise the Agency as to any proposals of the Agency relating generally to the manner in which the Agency carries out its functions in the region and, where the Committee considers it appropriate, shall make representations to the Agency (whether in response to consultation on those proposals or otherwise) as to the manner in which the Agency carries out its functions in that region. In particular the Committee shall advise the Agency on:

2.1 The consideration of Local Environment Agency Plans;

2.2 Agency policies in relation to the control of pollution of river, estuary, coastal and underground controlled waters;

2.3 Agency policies in relation to water resources;

2.4 Agency policies in relation to integrated pollution control of complex industrial processes, the regulation of the management, treatment and disposal of controlled waste, the regulation of the use and disposal of radioactive material and waste and the remediation of contaminated land;

2.5 Agency policies in relation to conservation through Agency regulation, operations and works (normally other than those considered by the Regional Flood Defence and Fisheries Committees);

2.6 Agency charging schemes and other charges other than those related to flood defence, fisheries, navigation and recreation;

2.7 The Agency's advice to Local Authorities on their Local Air Quality Management Plan;

2.8 The Agency's advice to the Secretary of State in relation to the Government's National Air Strategy and National Waste Strategy;

2.9 Its contribution to the formulation of the Agency's national policies when requested to do so by the Agency Board or Directors.

3. The Committee shall report on its activities, nationally through the medium of the Agency's Annual Report, and regionally through the Minutes of its meetings.

July 1996

Last update: 21/09/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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