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Paper 6B - 27 November 1998 Meeting 


27 November 1998


Report by Head of Chief Executive's Office, Portsmouth City Council

1. On 6 November the second meeting of the Crime and Disorder Strategic Partnership Group took place which considered the draft Audit document and agreed provisional priorities for the purposes of consultation. The Audit was undertaken by our Crime and Disorder Officer, Julia Wickson and a Police Crime Reduction Officer, Pete Rann. A set of provisional priorities were identified by using the following established criteria to assess the audit findings:-

crimes with an upward trend

high volume crimes

crime of violence and crimes that impact on people in their homes and communities

geographical areas that have a high overall crime rate and a number of associated risk factors.

2. The Strategic Partnership Group agreed provisional priorities which are both thematic and geographical. They are:-

Young People and Crime - including work with young offenders

"Tackling Violence"

- Street violence (linked to alcohol misuse)

- Hidden violence including domestic violence, racial harassment, homophobic crime, child protection and elder abuse.

"Dealing with Disorder" - aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour and levels of criminal damage.

Burglary and Theft from Dwelling

Reduced Fear of Crime - tackling public anxiety by reducing levels of crime/disorder and by addressing unreasonably high fear of crime.

In addition, the Strategic Partnership Group identified two areas where it is proposed that focused work on a range of issues will be conducted:

The City Centre including Landport and Somerstown


Progress was reported to an informal meeting of the City Council's Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee on Tuesday 10 November and they were approved for consultation at a public meeting of the committee on Tuesday 17 November.

3. The Strategic Partnership have been assisted in the consultation process by Crime Concern, and five days have been purchased to do this. The final audit document will be published at the launch of the consultation process in December 1998. This will commence with a conference held on 7 December attended by the Home Office Minister, Paul Boateng. All organisations with an interest in crime and disorder in the city are being invited to attend that conference. The consultation process is due to be completed by February 1999 and will include formal publication of the audit findings, a MORI survey on crime and disorder, publication of the findings and provisional priorities, together with a questionnaire in the city council magazine 'Flagship' which will be delivered to every household in the city, use of focus groups and presentation of the findings to key agencies, forums and community groups.

4. The strategy will be prepared following the completion of the consultation process and will be adopted by the city council and other agencies by the deadline of April 1999. Whilst it is anticipated that existing priorities may be refocused to concentrate on the target areas identified, a bid has been made for additional funding of 150,000 per annum over the next three years as part of the current budget round. This would enable a number of new initiatives to be commenced pursuant to the strategy.

Head of Chief Executive's Office, Portsmouth City Council

Last update: 21/09/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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