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Paper 7 - 27 November 1998 Meeting 


Friday 16 October 1998


Basingstoke and Deane

Councillor Mrs P Baker

Councillor J Evans

Councillor B Gurdon

P Wilson

East Hampshire

Councillor P Ravenscroft

A Wood


Councillor K House (Chair)

Councillor M Kyrle

C Tapp

C Bowden


Councillor M Prior

Councillor H Pritchard

D Nye


Councillor A Hayward

D Ottley


Councillor R Benford

Councillor P Hutcheson

C James


Councillor R Bellinger

Councillor Mrs B Moss

R Smith

D Kingaby

New Forest

Councillor J Coles

Councillor Mrs J Vernon-Jackson

I Mackintosh

G Ashworth


Councillor A Thame

K Holland

R Short

Test Valley

Councillor N Arnell

Councillor C Lewis

S Richards

S Hill


Councillor D Atwell

Councillor R Sabine

S Opacic

Apologies were received from Councillor P Edgar, Gosport; Councillor S Olivier, Rushmoor and G Jelbart, Hart.

The Chair, Councillor Keith House, welcomed all those present to the meeting.


Chris James of Hart District Council, Chairman of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers' Group, gave a presentation on the Structure Plan process to date.


A debate took place on the view which should be expressed by the Districts to the Structure Plan Authorities regarding the number of houses to be permitted.

After discussion the following resolutions were unanimously agreed:-


(1) That every possible effort should be made by all the local authorities in Hampshire and the Cities of Portsmouth and Southampton to agree modifications to the Structure Plan for publication, to avoid Central Government intervention.

(2) That the Hampshire District Councils oppose the current Regional Planning Guidance figure of 56,000 homes, on the grounds that it is unlikely to be supported by the emerging regional guidance from SERPLAN.

(3) That the District Councils accept with reluctance they may need to plan for this level of development, in the light of any direction by the Secretary of State, but that in these circumstances any provision above 42,000 should be held back until the emerging Regional Planning Guidance is finalised.

(4) That the District Councils urge the three Strategic Planning Authorities to work together urgently with other authorities, within SERPLAN's emerging regional guidance, to achieve 42,000 homes as a baseline figure.

Strategic Gaps

A discussion then took place on strategic gaps and the following resolution was agreed by ten of the eleven authorities present:-


(5) That in relation to the strategic gap issues, ten of the District Councils support the position as set out in the Deposit Version of the Hampshire County Structure Plan Review.

Test Valley Borough Council explained that they were unwilling to sign up to this last resolution, concerning strategic gaps.

Next Steps

It was agreed:-

(1) That Councillor House should now write to the Structure Plan Authorities setting out the above resolutions and the context for them, copied to SERPLAN and GOSE.

(2) That each District Council should arrange any necessary publicity.

Last update: 21/09/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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