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Paper 8 - 29 May 2000 Meeting 


29 May 1998


Report by the Chief Executive, Havant Borough Council, and the Association's

Policy Officer


(1) That the SERPLAN consultation on the regional guidance be noted and further considered at the Seminar on 2 June;

(2) That member authorities be asked to publicise the SERPLAN consultation and alert partner organisations to the need to respond, using the Association's "guideline" leaflet; and

(3) That the Association's SERPLAN Co-ordination Group prepare a response for the Association to consider at its next meeting.


The Government has set a timetable which requires SERPLAN to draft regional planning guidance for the South East by September 1998. SERPLAN's public consultation document seeks responses by 24 July, the date of the Association's next meeting. At its last meeting the Association agreed a preliminary response and approved proposals for a seminar to be held in Winchester Guildhall on 2 June. This report provides an update and makes recommendations about engaging partner organisations in the response.

1. SERPLAN's consultation document is due to be published in the coming week.

2. At its last meeting the Association agreed a preliminary response based on the pre-consultation draft and the SERPLAN Conference held on 5 March.

3. The Association also asked for its views to be communicated to partner organisations. Accordingly a leaflet has been prepared to send to partners with the regional guidance consultation. The text of the leaflet is given in the Annex.

4. Member authorities have been asked by SERPLAN to assist with an "inclusive and transparent" consultation process, and to pool resources with neighbouring authorities. In Hampshire County, the County Council and District Councils will be co-operating to ensure that organisations and individuals are consulted. In the unitary areas, arrangements will be slightly different. The Association's leaflet has been made available so that it - or a local version - can accompany the SERPLAN document. SERPLAN will be kept closely in touch with local consultative arrangements.

Policy Officer





The Government has asked local authorities in London and South East England to prepare regional guidance for development of the region over the next 20 years.

The Government's aim is to put new guidance in place by April next year.

The public, business, rural interests, the voluntary sector, local authorities, everyone is invited to have their say by 24 July. The summary consultation document is attached.

The local authorities of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have formed an Association to ensure that our voice is heard. We are co-operating to try and get the best deal for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We need your support.

Our preliminary response is:

(1) We welcome the consultation.

(2) We think the proposals should be set out more clearly on a map.

(3) We like the idea that South Hampshire should be a priority area in the South East for economic regeneration.

(4) We particularly want to see the importance of the long-term vitality of the ports of Southampton and Portsmouth recognised.

(5) We are concerned about the implications of a possible new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

(6) We want to see sustainable economic prosperity, and a good quality of life for everyone in the Region. We want to be quite clear that planning designations achieve this.

(7) We want to see more research on how best to meet housing need. We want to see how changes in national taxation could play a part in encouraging re-use of derelict land, make it less enticing to develop green fields and generally encourage what is called "urban renaissance".

(8) We want the debate to focus on economic prosperity as well as on numbers of new houses needed.

(9) However we are concerned both to ensure that housing need is met and to see that the correct type of housing is provided e.g. for the young and for the elderly, near to facilities and with good public transport.

(10) We want to see all regionally significant countryside highlighted in the proposals and protected. (At present only countryside areas of national importance are highlighted).

(11) When a sustainable strategy for the South East is agreed we want to see the Government working with us to follow it.

(12) We particularly want to see what part government landholdings can play in making the strategy work.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities are working with SERPLAN to develop the strategy for the South East. We need your ideas and your help.

Send your comments on the Regional Strategy by 24 July to SERPLAN, with a copy to your local authority.

Nick Goulder
Policy Officer
Association of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities
Eastleigh Borough Council
Civic Offices
Leigh Road
SO50 9YN

Last update: 11/09/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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