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Paper 16 - 4 June 1999 Meeting

Association of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Authorities

4 June 1999

Crime and Disorder and Community Safety

Joint report of the Chief Executive Hampshire County Council,

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and New Forest District Council

1. Local partnerships across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have met the timetable of producing crime and disorder strategies by 1 April. There has been no prescription as to the form this documents should take, only that they must reflect the results of local audits and consultation on the audit conclusions. The fourteen documents therefore reflect local issues and priorities, and are presented and published in ways that meet the requirements of local partnerships.

2. There is, however, a good deal of common content and perhaps a surprising level of consistency on key themes and priorities. Analysis has been undertaken of the main themes and actions and of the audit process. Appended to this report are a number of documents summarising the partnership strategies. These were compiled during March, so may be based on drafts rather than final agreed and published strategies. While this means there may be some inaccuracies in relation to the specific actions and projects, the overall priorities should be valid.

3. The appended papers show:

(i) summary of main priorities

(ii) summary of audit process, themes and budgets

(iii) priority themes and proposed projects.

4. The County Council has also developed a crime and disorder strategy in relation to its own services and as a framework for its partnership working with 11 Districts. It has set out six policy aims, and has analysed the District partnership strategies to identify where specific actions impact on County services. also attached is:

(i) summary of District partnership issues involving County Council actions

(ii) draft County Council strategy

Any comments on the draft County Council strategy prior to its submission to Public Protection Committee at the end of June would be welcome.

5. The next stages for all partnerships are the development of detailed action plans, ensuring appropriate operational arrangements and input from all partners, and procedures for monitoring and evaluation. The Association will be kept informed as this work progresses.


That the report be noted.

NOTE: Copies of the appendices are available on request

Last update: 11/10/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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