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Paper 14 - 29 January 1999 Meeting


29 January 1999


Report by Councillor Roger Price, Fareham Borough Council

1. A meeting of the Local Government Association’s Economic Regeneration Committee was held in London on 4 November 1998. Items discussed included the following:

2. Election of Office Holders

The Committee made the following appointments:

Chair: Councillor D H Sparks (Labour, Dudley)
Vice-Chair: Councillor J Musgrove (Labour, Allerdale)
Spokesperson: Councillor A Galloway (Independent, City of London)

3. Organisational Changes

The Committee considered a report on the changes that had been made to the LGA’s management structure since the last meeting. A number of members had expressed concern at the continuing integration of Tourism with Leisure and stressed the importance of tourism as a tool for economic regeneration. It was agreed that the Chair should raise these concerns at the Economic Regeneration Board and emphasise the need to maintain links with tourism.

4. LGA Appointments

The Committee made appointments to the Policy and Strategy Panel; Urban Commission Steering Committee; Environment and Regeneration Board and various Member Task Groups.

5. Representation on KONVER and RETEXT Monitoring Committees

A report was considered summarising changes to the arrangements for nominating LGA representatives on EU Community Initiative Programme Monitoring Committees. Appointments were also made to the KONVER and RETEXT Committees and members were advised to submit any further nominations through their respective Group Offices.

6. Welfare to Work

Michael Burrows of Nottinghamshire County Council, gave a presentation on the ‘Bridge to Work’ - a partnership scheme being promoted by his authority to improve access to education, training and jobs provision. The initiative was being developed in consultation with the local Employment Service and District Councils and was aimed particularly at helping unemployed people back into work or socially useful activities. It was agreed that any queries or comments on the initiative could be channelled to Nottinghamshire through the LGA.

7. European Funding Issues

An information report was received on issues arising from recent developments on the reform of the Structural Funds.

8. Regional Development Agencies

The Committee were updated on the LGA’s work on the creation of Regional Development Agencies that had been carried out since the last meeting and on the progress that was being made towards the establishment of Regional Chambers. It was agreed that the Committee should aim to set up a meeting with the RDA Chairs and this is now being arranged. It was also decided to authorise the Committee’s elected office holders to approve any comments to be made by the LGA on the draft strategic guidance for RDA’s prior to the next meeting.

9. Community Enterprise and Community Regeneration

The Committee considered a progress report on credit unions in the UK and proposed future work in this area. Members were advised that the results of the LGA survey of local authorities on credit union development would be submitted to the next meeting and, in the meantime, the Chair agreed to ensure that the issue of the involvement of credit unions in rural areas would be raised with the Rural Commission.

10. Review of Training and Enterprise Councils

A report was received setting out the LGA’s response to the national review of TEC’s and a summary of the main points also raised by the national partner organisations in their responses.

11. Draft Airports Policy Statement

The Committee discussed a report referred from the Planning and Transportation Committee on a Draft Airports Policy Statement. The Statement set out a series of criteria for assessing airport development, dealing particularly with the questions of economic and environmental impact.

12. Key issues raised included the need for the national policy to set appropriate environmental limits and targets within an agreed framework, to recognise that certain issues need discussion and agreement at European and international level and to require airports to produce plans for access by public transport, which should be kept under regular review. It was agreed that these and other views expressed should be incorporated in the response to the report.

13. Annual Conference

It was noted that the annual economic development conference, with the theme of ‘Regenerating Local Communities’, was due to be held at Portsmouth between 16 and 18 November.

Fareham Borough Council

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Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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