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Paper 7 - 24 November 2000 Meeting


24 November 2000


Report by the Honorary Secretary



(1) That the further development of proposals for a session on Member Development as part of the main programme of the LGA Conference 2001 be noted;

(2) That the Association considers the Charter for Member Development at a future meeting; and

(3) That Members consider whether they wish the Association to be involved with an exhibition stand at next yearís LGA Conference in Harrogate by using the Associationís staff and a modest contribution from the Associationís reserves.


1. At the last meeting of the Association, Members approved preliminary proposals for a joint session with the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) at the 2001 LGA Conference (4-6 July). This report gives more details prior to a meeting on 1 December with the IDeA, and discusses the possibility of an exhibition stand at the Conference.


2. The IDeA has in principle agreed to run a joint session on Member Training and Development as part of the LGA Conference main programme. The joint session would involve this Association, South East Employers and the IDeA. The purpose of the session would be:

* to promote good training and development for Members

* to demonstrate best practice in Member training and development with particular reference to Hampshire and Isle of Wight authorities.

3. In preparation for this all Member Authorities have been asked to give examples of their Member development arrangements to the Policy Manager. Members are invited to comment on good practice.


4. Isle of Wight and Havant Councils have signed up to the "Charter on Member Development" prepared by the IDeA. Others are now considering the Charter which provides for Individual Learning packages with a minimum of five days training and development for each Member each year.


5. Interest has been expressed in the past by Members that Hampshire and Isle of Wight authorities should have a presence in the exhibition associated with the Annual LGA Conference.

6. South East Employers and the Isle of Wight Council have discussed with me the possibility of backing up the presentation at the LGA Conference by mounting a stand at the exhibition associated with the Conference. A south East Employers/Hampshire and Isle of Wight stand will:

* demonstrate good practice in Member development

* provide a base and meeting point for Member authorities at the Conference

* promote information about Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

5. Ideally the cost of the exhibition stand will be met by sponsorship and partner organisations such as South East Employers. However, it will be vital to ensure that the stand is of excellent quality and properly staffed. The opportunity exists for the Associationís staff to attend the LGA Conference and help support the stand, and for the Association to provide a modest contribution from its reserves. A sum of £2,000 is therefore being earmarked from the reserves (total: £30,000) to meet this contingency should sponsorship fall short of the full cost.

6. A more ambitions scheme led by the Association has been discussed by the Chief Executivesí Group. It should be noted that a majority of the Chief Executivesí Group felt that such a stand would not be value for money. I have therefore developed the original proposals to reduce the commitment of funds from the Association. It will nevertheless take up some time of the Associationís staff if the Association wishes to have a modest involvement.

Honorary Secretary

Date: 14 November 2000
Annex: 0
Contact: Robin Smith - 023 9244 6150

Last update: 23/11/2000
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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