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Paper  13 - 23 March 2001


23 March 2001


Report by the Policy Manager


That the list of twinning links be maintained on the Associationís website.

1. The Association last year resolved to review twinning links in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to see if they can be better co-ordinated within a sub-regional framework. This resolution emerged from a report on the wider European working of member authorities. It was noted that the Regional Assembly was co-ordinating European work and had established a South East House in Brussels.

2. The report at that time (January 2000) had not addressed more local issues of projects and partnerships - twinning and other links which make a contribution to local economies, raise direct local awareness of European issues and provide grass roots examples of European activity. It was thought that it may be worth looking at these local links to see if they can be put into a more coherent sub-regional framework and whether the Association could add value to their activities.

3. As a result we have now created a list of local twinning links in consultation with member authorities and parish and town councils. The full list is given in Annex 1. It is not yet necessarily fully complete and in some cases we have not been given the region of the linked town, only the country. Annexes 2 and 3 (hard copies available on request) show the links graphically for both Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

4. The preliminary analysis shows that there are 58 links between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and France, and 16 links with Germany. Generally the French links are with Normandy and the list will be refined to show the region of the link for France.

5. It is not considered viable for the Association to try and add value to this twinning activity. However it could be useful to publicise the existence of the list, to keep it up to date and to encourage local areas to review their twinning links and develop joint working.

Policy Manager

Date: 12 February 2001
Annex: 3
Contact: Nick Goulder - 023 8068 8431, E-mail hiowlang@hants.gov.uk

Last update: 14/03/2001
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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