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Paper  7 -  29 June 2001Meeting


That Members consider the Associationís Action Plan and priorities for the coming year.



Priorities suggested for the coming year are:

* more focussed meetings at Member level, shorter agenda, placing routine items like reports-back in the bulletin, making better use of Member meetings as a forum for Council Leaders to exchange views and to share experience

* link in better to the health agenda encouraging participation by elected Members in Health Improvement Programmes and Trusts, and developing relationships with re-organised Health Authorities

* develop the framework agreed for community strategies and local strategies partnerships

* consider the lessons of the emergencies over the past 12 months in relation to floods, fuel crisis and foot and mouth disease

* pick up key issues for local government arising from the Governmentís second term programme

* continue to follow through initiatives described in the Annual Report.




Member Structures

1.1The Association has objected to the degree of central government control over political management structures. We will continue to press for local people to able to determine the appropriate structures for their local authorities. The Association will now aim to provide a forum for Members who are working with new structures:

* to share experience

* to comment and make representations to the LGA and central government on statutory regulation and guidance.

This work, building on last year, will commence with the open forum on 29 June.

Chief Executive, Havant

Community Strategies and Local Strategic Partnerships

1.2 The Association will continue to develop the framework for community planning already agreed in the Hampshire area, and a further report will be brought forward to consider "local strategic partnerships".


Chief Executive, Test Valley

Best Value

1.3 Member authorities - Portsmouth City Council and Gosport Borough Council - were pilot sites for the Governmentís Best Value regime which has now been implemented. The HIOW Best Value Network led by Test Valley Borough Council will continue to provide a forum for learning on the development of Best Value and will also recommend improvements to be put forward by this Association in the autumn following representations from East Hampshire District Council. The Best Value Network (which includes Southampton, Bournemouth and Poole Councils and District Audit plus visits from the Inspectorate) will continue to share best practice and help develop local approaches. The Network will also work with HAPTC to ensure that the spirit of Best Value is extended to town and parish councils, building on the successful seminar funded by HAPTC and this Association last year.

1.4 The Chief Executivesí Group is reviewing the potential for authorities to form service delivery partnerships for the more effective provision of some local authority services.


Chief Executive, Hampshire

Corporate Director, Test Valley



Chief Executive, Eastleigh


1.5 The Association will continue to work with Member authorities to join-up "back offices" and information points to achieve gains in efficiency and service to the public without loss of local discretion. The main engines for e-government within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight will be

* Customer Service Development Group - the Group will continue to move towards joint training and staff development for frontline staff. The Association is helping to ensure that the Isle of Wight Council is integrated in this work by helping to fund a joint training event on the island. A report to Members will come forward during the year, to include setting minimum standards for the network of public information points across our area.




Chief Executive, Isle of Wight

* Telecoms Group - telecoms officers from Member authorities are working together to integrate telecoms in order to help the public to contact relevant public service providers and to achieve cost savings in the use of the internet. Work is continuing on an integrated telephone and e-mail directory for Hampshire and Isle of Wight authorities proposed in the last Action Plan.

* E-government Steering Group - this group (set up following the Membersí Seminar in January 2001) will report back alongside the Customer Service Development Group.

* E-purchasing - the Local Authoritiesí Supplies Group will also be asked to report back with particular reference to the IDEAís Marketplace initiative and other e-purchasing initiatives.




Chief Executive, Hampshire

Public Service Agreements (PSAs)

1.6 The Association will consider the impact and implications of PSAs as a new way of topping up local government finance. The Chief Executivesí Group will consider the extent to which partnerships can be developed to assist the proposed Hampshire PSA and future District PSAs.



Local Government Modernisation Team

1.7 The Associationís Policy Manager will participate with other regional officers in the DTLR Local Government Modernisation Team with a view both to learning and to communicating Membersí comments on all aspects of the so called "Modernisation agenda" to central government.

Policy Manager




2.1 The Association has worked to improve local authority input to health improvement plans, and to improve joint working through the Corporate Health Group chaired by Hampshire County Council. The Association will continue to press for adequate funding for the NHS throughout the area. It is anticipated that the three existing health authorities will merge. The Association will work to improve liaison between local government and new health authorities, and to press for good co-ordination across "border" areas such as Blackwater Valley. The Association will press for improved authority - authority relationships and good co-operation between health, housing and social services at NHS Trust level. In particular the Association will encourage:

Director of Social Services, Hampshire

Chief Executive, Eastleigh

(a) joint working with the evolving configuration of Primary Care Trusts

(b) liaison on how most effectively to implement the new "scrutiny role" at both local (District) and wider (County) levels.

We shall keep closely in touch with the LGA following the new legislation.


2.2 The Association will give further consideration to the proposals for improving key worker housing put forward by Hampshire County Council, and ways in which the approach can be used to tackle key worker shortages in the private sector.

Corporate Director, Test Valley
Director of Planning and Transport, Basingstoke and Deane


2.3 The Association will ask HIPOG to report on monitoring regional planning guidance and the programme of local plan reviews.


Chief Executive, Havant

Integrated Transport

2.4 The Association will work to ensure that the four local transport plans for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are considered together, in line with corporate, land use and economic strategies. The Association will aim to ensure that a co-ordinated input is made to regional transport strategies. The Borough of Basingstoke and Deane, with Hampshire County Council, will develop proposals from the Association to experiment with a radical shift to public transport, based on a study currently under way.

County Surveyor, Hampshire


Chief Executive, Test Valley

Economic Development

2.5 The Association will continue to seek regular reports from the main economic partnerships and the South East England Development Agency. There will be a particular concern during the course of this year to ensure that the rural economy and tourism are quickly brought back to normal following foot and mouth disease.



Chief Executive, Rushmoor

Community Safety

2.6 The Association will continue to support the joint arrangements established with the Police Authority, Probation and other partners for dealing with community safety and the new crime and disorder legislation. Lead officers (Peter Robertson, Katrine Sporle and Andrew Lloyd) will report back with particular reference to the implementation of community safety strategies drawing attention to further areas of co-operation between authorities.

Chief Executive, Hampshire

Chief Executive, Rushmoor

2.7 The Associationís Policy Manager will assist with the servicing of the joint arrangements (this will be a new but minor call on the Associationís resources).

Chief Executive, Basingstoke and Deane

2.8 The Criminal Records Bureau takes over responsibility for checks on employers and voluntary organisations during 2001. Authorities will be considering how they will undertake their responsibilities as Registered Bodies in respect of social services, education, licensing, homeless people etc. The Chief Executivesí Group has asked Personnel Officers to consider the preparation of a wider best practice paper to ensure that the new system can be enhanced locally to protect vulnerable people as fully as possible.

Chief Executive, Isle of Wight

Emergency Planning

2.9 The emergencies of the past year make it appropriate to re-consider arrangements jointly for reacting to unforeseen problems such as the fuel crisis, flooding and foot and mouth epidemic. The Association will consider this alongside the national review of emergency planning.

2.10 The Association has supported Hampshire County Councilís conference on flooding (17 April 2001) and will consider the outcome and follow-up action.

Chief Executive, Winchester

Joint Work with the Environment Agency

2.11 The Association will seek to develop the local protocols agreed with the Environment Agency.


Chief Environmental Health Officer, New Forest District Council



3.1 A work programme will be prepared following Membersí discussion of this Action Plan. The work programme will give target dates for reports to the Association following consultation with the various officer support groups. The work programme will take into account "business as usual" such as ongoing consultation with the LGA and central government (which has not been highlighted in the Action Plan) and such matters as the call on the Associationís staffís time from new initiatives.


Policy Manager

Policy Manager

Date: 14 June 2001
Annex: 0
Contact: Nick Goulder - 023 8068 8431, E-mail hiow@eastleigh.gov.uk



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Last update: 20/06/2001
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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