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Paper 6 -  26 September 2003 Meeting


26 September 2003


Report by the Appointments Panel



(1) That District Council representatives be appointed as set out in the report;

(2) That the County Council and outside bodies be asked to allow additional District representation to reflect the diversity of Hampshire Districts; and

(3) That political groups in the Association be invited to put forward members to represent the South East at the Local Government Regional Forum.


The Association has set up the Appointments Panel which consists of the Chairman (Cllr. Tony Jackson, Test Valley, Conservative); the Vice-Chairman, Cllr. Elizabeth Cartwright (East Hampshire, Conservative); Cllr. Sheila Campbell (Winchester, Liberal Democrat) and Cllr. Shaun Cully (Gosport, Labour). The Panel met on 3 September. Five sets of appointments are required this year. The Panel’s proposals are set out below:

1. Hampshire Association of Parish and Town Councils (HAPTC)

The District Councils have been represented by Councillor Tony Jackson (Test Valley - Conservative) who would now like to step down. It is proposed that Councillor Alan Rice (New Forest - Conservative) be appointed to take his place. It is proposed to ask HAPTC if another place could be allocated to reflect the diversity of Hampshire Districts.

2. Hampshire Playing Fields Association

There are three District Council representatives on the Playing Fields Association: Councillors Ian Carr (Test Valley - Conservative); Hugo Eastwood (Hart - Conservative) and Ken Moss (Havant - Conservative). There is a vacancy for a fourth representative and the Panel proposes that Councillor Thérèse Evans (Winchester - Liberal Democrat) takes this place.

3. Hampshire County Council Youth Panel

There is a vacancy for one District Council member. Councillor Andrew Pattie (East Hampshire - Conservative) is proposed for this place. It is proposed to ask the County Council if another place could be allocated on its Youth Panel and Early Years Development Advisory Group to reflect the diversity of Hampshire Districts.

4. Committee for Rural Hampshire

There are two vacancies and the following members are proposed: Councillor Peter Boulton (Test Valley - Conservative) and Councillor Mrs Maureen Robinson (New Forest - Liberal Democrat).

5. Hampshire County Council Health Review Committee

The Health Review Committee has four District Council representatives to enable a geographic and political spread. These are Councillors Brian Bayford (Fareham, Conservative); Francis Williams (Rushmoor, Conservative); James Wagner (Winchester, Liberal Democrat) and Councillor Terry Hart (Havant, Labour). Councillor Hart now wishes to hand on and a Labour nomination is sought to replace him.

In order to show a complete picture, appointments which do not come up for renewal this year are set out below for information only:

6. Hampshire Building Preservation Trust

Councillor Elizabeth Cartwright (East Hampshire - Conservative)
Councillor Mark Fullbrook (Hart - Conservative)
Councillor Cecily Sutton (Winchester - Liberal Democrat).

7. Hampshire Economic Partnership

Councillor Tony Jackson (Test Valley - Conservative).

8. Hampshire County Council Early Years Development Advisory Group

Councillor Mike Roberts (Rushmoor - Labour).

9. Hampshire Strategic Partnership Steering Group

Councillor Sean Woodward (Fareham - Conservative)
Councillor Peter Moyle (Rushmoor - Conservative).


In total there are now 19 appointments to outside bodies. This might be increased if some of the outside bodies can take additional representation.

10. Local Government Regional Forum

The Local Government Association’s Local Government Regional Forum (LGRF) has invited representation from all the regions. The LGA attempts to reflect the political diversity of each region. This Association in conjunction with the Surrey LGA has been asked to arrange with the LGA for representation of the main political parties from the South East region at the LGRF, if necessary drawing on Hampshire authorities to achieve this representation. The South East has eight places on the LGRF and these places are not all taken up at present. The LGRF meets twice a year, sometimes with overnight stays, the next one being in Peterborough on the night of Thursday 20 November.

At present the Association sends its Chairman to the LGRF but if members agree, and Member Authorities are willing to pay expenses/allowances, then other political groups could be asked to participate by nominating one member each.


Date: 11 September 2003

Contact: Nick Goulder - 023 8068 8431, E-mail hiow@eastleigh.gov.uk

Last update: 16/09/2003
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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