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Paper 4A -  28 November 2003 Meeting


28 November 2003


Report by the Hampshire Director of Environment, Portsmouth City Planning Officer, Southampton Executive Director of Development and Sustainability and Executive Officer Project Integra



That the development of a Material Resources Strategy be endorsed. _________________________________________________________________________________________


A Material Resources Strategy is being developed to reduce the use of material resources by minimising the production of waste and returning materials to the production cycle. This will integrate and develop existing initiatives.


1. Waste management has previously concentrated on dealing with an ever growing end product of unwanted material requiring disposal. Dealing with this waste by landfilling, incineration or other means is a major environmental challenge. Growth in consumption has inevitably brought an increased use of natural resources and a higher waste mountain This focus is now being questioned.

2. A fundamental change is required. A new approach is being adopted in Hampshire which views waste as a resource and recognises that there can be a life cycle of goods and products. Re-use, recycling and recovery of waste would be part of a holistic system whereby the extraction and production of primary resources is reduced and the use of recycled or secondary materials is maximised. Such an approach would help mitigate the environmental impact of waste as well as maximising economic opportunities.

3. A resource management approach also requires attention to the prevention of waste by influencing product creation to avoid post consumer waste. It would need action at all levels in society to work together to achieve efficiency in the use of resources.

4. A strategy is being prepared to steer the shift from conventional waste management to achieving a resource management approach. The Material Resources Strategy will provide an integrated overarching approach to all the work in the minerals and waste field. The Strategy will cover the Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth administrative areas. The main objectives for the Strategy are:

ˇ to identify a holistic approach to society’s use of materials that is sustainable

ˇ appraise the main options in achieving this goal, agreeing a set of principles which would steer all the activities in minerals and waste, and proposing guidance to deliver the new concept.

The Strategy will embrace and drive the work on four projects, the Hampshire Natural Resources Initiative, the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Development Framework (this is being prepared to replace the adopted Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton Minerals and Waste Local Plan), the Project Integra Strategy and the Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Strategy.

5. Preparation of the Material Resources Strategy was launched on 23 September 2003 at the Southampton Football Club St Mary’s Stadium. The strategy is now being developed through a stakeholder dialogue with a view to completing an integrated approach by late Autumn 2004. Copies of reports from the launch are available on request. The next stakeholders’ workshops are being held at the Portsmouth Pyramid Centre on 2 December at 1.30 pm and 6.00 pm.

Director of Environment, Hampshire County Council

City Planning Officer, Portsmouth City Council

Executive Director of Development and Sustainability, Southampton City Council

Executive Officer, Project Integra

Date: 12 November, 2003
Annex: 0
Contact: Tony Cook tel: 01962 846730 email: tony.cook@hants.gov.uk

Last update: 18/03/2003
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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