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Agenda for Association Meeting held on 28 March 2003

For further information on this Agenda, please contact Nick Goulder (tel: 023 8068 8431)


1. Welcome by Councillor Brian Jupp, Mayor of Rushmoor Borough Council.

2. Apologies.

3. (a) Minutes of the meeting held on 31 January 2003 (paper 3A).

(b) Matters arising: further representations to the Government over the sale of public sector land (minute 5.03).

4. Affordable Housing

Presentation by Mike Gwilliam, Director of Planning and Transport, South East England Regional Assembly and by Denise Luker (Basingstoke and Deane), Chair of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Housing Officers’ Group.

5. The Communities Plan

Report by the Policy Manager (paper 5). 

6. Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill: New Development Plans Framework - implications for Hampshire

Report by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers’ Group, in consultation with the Chief Executives’ Group (paper 6).

7. Local Authority Social Housing Grant - representations to the Government

Report by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Housing Officers’ Group in association with the Chief Executives’ Group (paper 7).

8. Managing Unauthorised Gypsy Encampments in Hampshire

Report by the Joint Local Authorities Gypsy and Traveller Panel (paper 8).

9. Mapping the Voluntary Sector in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Report by the Joint Project Steering Group (paper 9).

10. Hampshire Early Years Strategy 2002/03

Report-back from Councillor Mike Roberts, Hampshire County Council (paper 10).

11. Future Agenda and "Five Minute Slot"

Report by the Policy Manager (paper 11).

12. Date of Annual meeting

To note that the Annual meeting of the Association will be held on 6 June 2003 at the Civic Offices, Havant commencing at 10.30 am. Political group meetings will be held at 9.30 am and it is requested that each of the political groups appoint a member to the new Outside Bodies Appointments Panel which will represent all three political groups plus the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.






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