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Paper 9 - 30 January 2004 Meeting


30 January 2003


Report by Councillor Brian Bayford, Fareham Borough Council Representative to Hampshire County Council NHS Overview Panel



That District Councils develop local initiatives where they can add value in their Districts to the work of the Hampshire Health Review Committee.



This is an update on the progress on the Hampshire County Council Health Review Committee since August 2003. As mentioned in the last report the work of the Health Review Committee is building rapidly and members need to initiate action between meetings. This report provides a brief outline of activities and progress with the arrangements to establish joint committees.


1. There are 11 patient and public involvement forums, seven Primary Care Trusts and four NHS Trusts within Hampshire and a further six major NHS hospital Trusts and five Primary Care Trusts outside the county boundary that provide care for Hampshire residents. The Minister for Health has been advised of the challenges facing the Health Review Committee in dealing with this number of NHS Trusts and Patient Forums within the County and the immediate borders without any additional resources. This provides another incentive for District Council to lead on exclusively local issues. We understand that the County Council would be prepared to delegate such matters to District Councils where there are issues of local concern identified and where the County Council agrees they are exclusively local. This can only be decided on the specifics at the time. Indeed the County Council does not have the capacity to deal with all local issues and may welcome such an approach.

2. The Chairman and lead officer have met with key staff in all NHS organisations in Hampshire to identify the Committee’s expectations in relation to patient and public involvement and consultation. Similar meetings are being held with District Councils to provide an opportunity for local issues to be raised with the Committee.

3. It is intended that a web-site will be set up in the New Year to provide information for residents together with links to Health.


4. The first two in-depth reviews will be formally reported to the Health Review Committee on the 27 January. These are ‘Looked After Children’ and the ‘Health of School Age Children’

5. Each review has linked with key health and local authority professionals, recognising the particular contribution to be made by District Councils and Environmental Health.

6. The ‘Looked After Children’ project has obtained feedback from foster carers and children and provided a successful and lively workshop at Marwell on 24 November, attended by professionals, carers and children from across the county. Feedback from workshop will be included in the final report.


7. The number of inquiries identified by Members, District Councils and other partners is increasing and include a range of health initiatives that potentially have an impact on the provision of services to residents.

8. These include access to GPs, the ‘choice’ agenda, treatment centres, patient and public involvement and foundation hospitals.

9. Current issues include the availability of podiatry services for people with diabetes, the Queen Alexandra Hospital Private Finance Initiative and Critical Incident reporting.

10. Members of the Committee visited the Royal Hospital Haslar as part of the investigation into the Queen Alexandra Hospital Private Finance Initiative plan.


11. The first formal response to consultation by the NHS (Inpatient Services for Older People with Mental Health Problems in Winchester and Eastleigh) has now been completed. This included representation from the Districts affected.

12. The member working group will now be considering further related proposals in the Eastleigh/Winchester area.


13. Joint arrangements with Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight have now been completed. This reflects the requirements of the Directions published in July and is flexible enough to allow the Health Review Committee to respond promptly to any proposal from a NHS Trust to substantially vary or develop services that extend beyond the area covered by the County Council. Links have also been established with Surrey County Council, Dorset County Council and Bournemouth Borough Council.

14. It is expected that the first consultation involving the Joint Committee will be the provision of maternity services in South East Hampshire.

15.Other issues for early consideration include the ‘Foundation’ hospital proposals.Southampton University Hospitals, the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Basingstoke General Hospital and the Royal Bournemouth Hospital are eligible to apply.

Fareham Borough Council

Date: 14 January 2004
Annex: 0
Contact: Councillor B Bayford email: brianbayford@newnetmail.co.uk

Last update: 19/01/2004
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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