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Paper 6 - 3 June 2005 Meeting

Text of letter to John Scott, Home Office Director South East dated 22 March 2005 sent following the Association meeting on 18 March 2005

Dear John

Review of the Crime and Disorder Act etc.

I was very pleased to speak to you yesterday and reiterate our invitation to you to attend the Association’s Annual Meeting on 3 June. The meeting takes place at 10.30 am in the Council Chamber, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester and finishes at 12 noon or so with a buffet lunch.

Last Friday, the Association considered a presentation by the Community Safety Officers of our 15 authorities. We work together through a Chief Officers’ Group (chaired by Paul Kernaghan) and a Community Safety Practitioners’ Network chaired by Melvin Hartley of Test Valley. Ian Grist sits on both these bodies. I enclose the slide presentation so you can see the issues raised.

As a result of the presentation, members of the Association held a wide-ranging debate in which they endeavoured to focus on outcomes. They raised a number of concerns including:

! excessive Whitehall control and form-filling

! worries about future funding of CDRPs

! how all the separately funded Police Community Support Officers, Accredited CSOs, community/neighbourhood wardens etc. could best work together through CDRPs

! the role of LSPs

! the potential role of Local Area Agreements

! the need to deal with planning for prevention and reduction of crime under the "modernised" regime

In short, the Association is very keen indeed to work closely with the Police, Local Criminal Justice Board and other partners and to see what might be envisaged by the Government and GOSE in the light of the Review of the Crime and Disorder Act and other related factors. At the same time we are concerned to focus resources on front-line staff and to avoid excessive bureaucracy.

The debate last Friday makes it particularly important for the Government Office to discuss the way forward with our elected members on 3 June when the Chief Constable will be present.

Paul Kernaghan has already arranged to attend this meeting to talk about the merger of base command units into new operational units.

I look forward to welcoming you to this part of the South East and to discussing how you would like to respond to this invitation.

Yours sincerely


Nick Goulder

Last update: 20/05/2005
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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