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Paper 4 - 18 March 2005 Meeting


18 March 2005


Report by the Director



That Members consider the briefing on developments in Community Safety by Melvin Hartley and Peter Baldry of the HIOW Community Safety Practitioners’ Forum.



1. Community Safety is a key issue for local authorities and local strategic partnerships. There are many statutory and voluntary agencies involved and the legal and structural arrangements have been changing. In the light of changes and the developing work of Strategic Partnerships it is likely that members will want to see joint work in community safety included in our Action Plan for the year ahead.


2. (a) The Local Criminal Justice Board co-ordinates the work of the criminal justice agencies across the H/IoW area.

(b) The 14 Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs) co-ordinate the work of the agencies involved in crime prevention as well as criminal justice agencies locally.

(c) The Community Safety Practitioners’ Forum provides a means of liaison for community safety staff and for CDRPs across H/IoW.

(d) The H/IoW Community Safety Chief Officers Group, currently chaired by the Chief Constable (Vice-Chair Andrew Lloyd, Chief Executive of Rushmoor) acts as a forum on community safety involving chief officers of the criminal justice agencies, local authorities and the voluntary sector. This group is organised by the Association’s staff along with our work for the Association and the Chief Executives’ Group.


3. Melvin Hartley and Peter Baldry will provide this briefing for members on behalf of the Community Safety Practitioners (Melvin currently chairs the Forum). They will cover:


Crime and Disorder Act - brief overview

Peter Baldry


CDRPs - issues arising

Peter Baldry


Crime and Disorder Audits/Strategies - targets; persistent and priority offenders; drugs/alcohol; anti-social behaviour; violent crime

Peter Baldry


Review of the Crime and Disorder Act

Peter Baldry


CDRP funding

Melvin Hartley


"Extended police family"

Melvin Hartley


County Community Safety Practitioner arrangements

Melvin Hartley

4. There is a lot of ground to cover, but the presentation will be restricted to half an hour or so to maximise time for discussion.


5. Members will be aware of developments in Accredited Community Support Officers, discussed at Association meetings January and July 2004. There are currently 64 accredited officers throughout the Police area. Hampshire County Council is recruiting to bring its total in the Hampshire area up to 34. They are currently deployed as follows:-

Basingstoke 6
New Forest 8
Gosport 6
Havant 7

Portsmouth City Council

18 accredited

Southampton City Council

15 accredited

6. Feedback to the Police has been very positive. In Southampton, low level anti-social behaviour-type calls are passed from the Police Control Room directly to the ‘City Patrol’ (the ACSOs) who attend the incident. This has resulted in positive feedback from the public. The ACSOs themselves report increased job satisfaction and have been asking to vary their hours so that they can carry out more of the work passed to them. The police officers in that area have given positive feedback as this system frees them up to deal with more serious incidents. Chief Superintendent Matthew Greening will be attending the meeting to answer questions on this subject. He can also comment on the current proposals for Police command unit re-organisation in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight


7. It is not envisaged that decisions are needed now on this subject but that Members may wish to prepare the ground for the Annual Meeting of the Association on 3 June. The Chief Constable, Paul Kernaghan, and John Scott, Home Office Direct South East, will be attending the Annual Meeting to help us agree an Action Plan for the coming year.

8. Incidentally, the Wessex Youth Offending Team is achieving publicity at the moment with the screening of the BBC2 documentary "Blame the Parents" showing the work of the H/IoW parenting staff. This is being screened on four consecutive Thursday evenings at 9.00 pm, starting on 10 March.


Date: 7 March 2005
Annex: 0
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Last update: 08/03/2005
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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