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Paper 3  - 25 November 2005  Meeting


Minutes of the Association meeting held at Gosport Borough Council on 23 September at 10.00 am.


Basingstoke and Deane

Councillor B Gurden
T Curtis (Corporate Director and Deputy Chief Executive)

East Hampshire

Councillor E Cartwright (Chairman)
Councillor A Pattie
M Lawther (Strategic Manager)


Councillor P Wall
C Tapp (Chief Executive)


Councillor A Mandry
A Davies (Chief Executive)


Councillor M Hook
Councillor P Langdon
Councillor G Burgess (Mayor)
I Lycett (Chief Executive)


Councillor A Rice TD
Councillor M Woodhall
T Butler (Advisor to Chief Executive)
M Rittman (County Youth Officer)


Councillor S Parker
Councillor S Gorys
V Evans (Acting Chief Executive)


D Bridges (Head of Community Services)

Isle of Wight

Councillor D Tuson
Councillor J Wood

New Forest

Councillor M Holding


Councillor T Blair


Councillor J Marsh
Councillor P Moyle (Vice-Chairman)
A Lloyd (Chief Executive)

Test Valley

Councillor A Jackson
B Sully (Corporate Director)


Councillor S Campbell
Councillor T Evans

Isle of Wight Association of Parish and Town Councils

B Lawson

Eastleigh Community Services

K Dufton (Chief Executive)

Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Councillor M Cartwright
D Howells (Director of Corporate Services)

Hampshire Police Authority

M Attenborough-Cox (Chairman)
Councillor J Rayment (Vice-Chairman)
S Jackson (Deputy Clerk)

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association

N Goulder (Director)
D Allen (PA to Director)

Also in attendance:

Government Office for the South East

C Evans (Locality Manager, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Government Office for the South East)

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority

Dr J Montgomery (Chairman)

South Central Connexions Partnership Ltd.

P Charlwood (Chief Executive)


Marianne Abley (Regional Associate)


The Mayor of Gosport, Councillor Graham Burgess, welcomed all those present to the meeting. He also reported the sad death of the Mayor Rushmoor, Councillor George Dawson. A minute’s silence was observed as a mark of respect.

The Chairman welcomed the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Hampshire Police Authority to the Association.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor P Harvey (Basingstoke and Deane); Councillor K House (Eastleigh); Councillor S Woodward (Fareham); Councillor K Thornber (Hampshire); Councillor D Gillett (Havant); Councillor A Sutton (Isle of Wight); Councillor M Robinson (LGA); Councillor M Kendal (New Forest); Councillor L Mason (Portsmouth); Councillor A Vinson (Southampton); Councillor I Carr (Test Valley) and Mr S Lugg, Director (HAPTC)


The minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 3 June 2005 were agreed as a correct record.

Arising from the minutes, the Chairman reported on a letter received from ODPM in reply to the Association’s letter on Travellers (minute 30.05). The letter had been circulated with the Joint Authorities Gypsy and Traveller Panel’s papers to all local authorities in membership.

The Director updated those present on the issues raised by Councillor Sheila Campbell under the "Future Agenda and Five Minute Slot" item (minute 34.05).


The Director introduced his report on this subject.

The report set out details of the work being undertaken by Hampshire County Council and the Isle of Wight Council in the preparation of their Local Area Agreements (LAAs). At present the LAAs were draft proposals out for consultation. They would come into effect in April 2006.

Representatives from Hampshire County Council and Isle of Wight Council gave more detailed information about their respective LAAs. Terry Butler of Hampshire County Council gave details of a Hampshire Strategic Partnership stakeholder event to discuss the Hampshire LAA being organised on 12 October.

Cathy Evans of GOSE reported on the tight timescale for this year and the remarkably positive response from partners in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. After the first year a rolling programme would be implemented. The first "refresh" would take place in March 2007. She indicated that at present there were two priorities emerging from all LAAs across the South East - affordable housing and skills and employability of the workforce.

Those present were positive about LAAs on the whole. Hampshire urged members to take them seriously and strive hard to make them work.

Rushmoor commented on the particular complexity of forming the LAA in Hampshire and thanked Chris Tapp for negotiating equitable representation of District Councils on the governance arrangements.

Rushmoor also felt that the LAA could not deal with everything and welcomed the focus on outcomes and cross-cutting issues. With the emphasis on skills, enterprise and business it was important to work across boundaries, particularly via the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire. The LAA Board was committed to maintain existing funding streams to achieve stronger and safer communities.

Eastleigh commented on the importance of maintaining funding streams for successful Crime and Reduction Partnerships.

The Isle of Wight Association of Parish and Town Councils felt that the will of local authorities to make LAAs work was important.

Hampshire felt that examples of cross border working in south-west Hampshire needed to be included.

It was felt that the term "Hampshire Observatory" was unclear and suggested that a better term be found.

The Chairman asked for clarification as to how LAAs would fit in with LPSAs. Cathy Evans clarified the position and explained that in time both initiatives would run together.


Malcolm Rittman of Hampshire County Council introduced the report on this subject.

The Government’s Green Paper "Youth Matters" sought responses by 4 November. The report provided a summary of the proposals and recommendations which could be used to guide individual authorities’ and partners’ responses. The Government was likely to implement the broad proposals the following year.

Pamela Charlwood, Chief Executive of South Central Connexions Partnership Ltd., gave details of the work of Connexions. She welcomed the proposals contained in the report. Connexions was a young organisation with strong links with local authorities and the voluntary sector.

Concerns from those present included:

ˇ lack of additional funding;

ˇ the "Opportunity Card" scheme;

ˇ that encouragement worked but compulsion did not;

ˇ the green paper was over complicated;

ˇ dealing with young people "en masse" was not suitable.

Pamela Charlwood and Malcolm Rittman answered these concerns.

Hampshire asked that those present read the summary of "Every Child Matters". It was felt that addressing anti social behaviour was important. There would be an opportunity to influence the agenda and tell Government what we are doing.

Examples were given where difficult young people had taken part in successful sports events. There was a need to refocus on what had worked in the past. Education and leisure facilities required more funding. The selling off of playing fields should be resisted.


That the Association:

(1) Welcomes "Youth Matters" and the emphasis it places on local authorities taking a lead in enabling young people to achieve their potential and make a positive contribution society;

(2) Welcomes the proposals to establish an Opportunities Fund and a Capital Fund, whilst pressing the Government to confirm that the allocation of £30,000 per local authority will be made to each District Council area;

(3) Considers whether any of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight authorities would wish to pilot the proposed Opportunity Card, apart from Havant Borough Council which has already offered;

(4)Confirms its commitment to a participative approach to the development, delivery and evaluation of services for young people, involving statutory and voluntary sector agencies in the children’s trusts;

(5) Resolves to work towards the devolution of funding for Information Advice and Guidance from Connexions to Hampshire County Council and the three Unitary Authorities with effect from April 2007;

(6) Resolves to establish and maintain ways of providing Information, Advice and Guidance which recognise the flow of young people across local authority boundaries;

(7) Resolves to explore ways - through the new Directors of Children’s Services, the Chief Executives’ Group and the Community Safety Chief Officers’ Group - to provide integrated youth support services which establish clear lines of accountability whilst recognising the contribution of many agencies to this work; and

(8) Communicates its decisions at this stage to the LGA, to partners and to the Government Office for the South East.


The Director introduced his report on this subject and mentioned that the Strategic Health Authority had now written to all local authorities with some specific proposals.

The report gave details of the background to and a summary of the Commissioning a Patient Led NHS proposals. It also set out details of the future of Commissioning.

The Director reported that Sir Ian Carruthers (Chief Executive of the Strategic Health Authority) had been unable to attend that day’s meeting but was particularly keen to discuss with District Councils the future arrangements for NHS-District Council joint working. Accordingly a meeting would be held in the Wellington Room, The Castle, Winchester at 10.30 am on Wednesday 5 October. This meeting was principally for District Councils - for Leaders, Portfolio holders and Chairs of Health Overview and Scrutiny Committees but all other member authorities and partner organisations were welcome to attend.

The Chairman introduced Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Chairman of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority (SHA). Professor Montgomery updated those present on the issues contained in the report. He gave details of recommendations for restructuring Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Ambulance Trusts. The SHA’s proposals were required by 15 October.

Those present expressed concerns including:

ˇ constant reorganisation

ˇ the proposal to include the Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in the same area as the Thames Valley

ˇ professionals attending meetings instead of attending to patients

ˇ costs and funding

ˇ specific concerns over health provision particularly in south east and south west Hampshire

ˇ who would take over preventative work

ˇ treatment of the mentally ill

ˇ lack of consultation with voluntary sector

ˇ the gap between the closure of Haslar hospital and rebuild of Queen Alexandra hospital

ˇ the planned abolition of Mid Hampshire PCT where the combination of commissioning and providing appeared promising

ˇ lack of NHS dentists

ˇ the short timescale for commenting on the proposals.

Eastleigh Borough Council circulated a resolution from its full Council meeting (annexed to these minutes).

Hampshire concurred with all the concerns raised and stated its preference for one PCT for the whole of Hampshire.

Professor Montgomery addressed all the concerns raised and pointed out:

ˇ that this was the first re-organisation he had witnessed which appeared to lead to fewer managerial staff

ˇ that he was pleased that the Isle of Wight arrangements would be protected

ˇ that he shared concerns about particular changes e.g. relating to Queen Alexandra Hospital and dental services. He reported that the SHA was actively pursuing the setting up of a dental school in south Hampshire.

On a positive note the Isle of Wight was thankful that it would retain its Ambulance Trust. Portsmouth reported that the NHS was treating more people more quickly. The Portsmouth PCT was also working well.

The Chairman thanked Professor Montgomery for attending and for giving such a full response.


That the concerns highlighted in the motion from Eastleigh Borough Council be noted and shared.


Consideration was given to a report by the Director on this subject.

The report set out the role and membership of the Appointments Panel. It also gave details of current appointments to outside bodies and set out details with respect to payment of expenses and allowances.

The Director also reported that there was a vacancy on the Hampshire Strategic Partnership to be filled.


That the appointments set out in the Annex be confirmed.


Consideration was given to a report by the Director on this subject.

The report set out a list of potential matters for discussion at the November meeting of the Association.

It was agreed to remove Implementation of the Children Act from the agenda.

The following items would be considered for the agenda:

ˇ Rural Bus Services*

ˇ Report back from the Local Government Regional Forum on 10/11 November

ˇ Proposals for the future of Hampshire Police Authority and Hampshire Constabulary

The Director reported that there would be an event on regionalism organised by the Local Government Association on 28 October in Local Government House. Details would be circulated to Chief Executives by the LGA.

Marianne Abley of the IDeA invited all those present to an event on CPA on 29 September in Portsmouth.

East Hampshire asked for a debate on the new licensing laws in the New Year.

Hampshire asked for an item on European Funding to be discussed in the New Year.


The next meeting of the Association would be held on 25 November 2005 at the Council Offices, Penns Place, Petersfield at 10.00 am.

* Note: A full Hampshire County Council meeting on 29 September debated reductions in bus services - many in rural areas. Whilst the County Council's expenditure on bus services was maintained, a number of less economic services were reduced, particularly for evenings and Sundays. District Councils were invited to help the County Council subsidise services. Basingstoke and Deane and Havant Councils decided to fund one service each. As a result of the amendments, less than 1% of bus passenger journeys in Hampshire will now be affected.

A full list of reductions has been supplied to District Councils and is available on request from the Association.




To move "That -

1.Council expresses its great concern about the proposals in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority consultation document "The Implementation of Commissioning a Patient-led NHS in Hampshire and Isle of Wight". This is the Strategic Health Authority’s response to the NHS national policy.

2. Council is particularly concerned about the disruption to local and community health services, which will be caused by yet another reorganisation of Primary Care Trusts, when the most recent reorganisation implemented last year is only just settling down.

3. Council believes that, far from creating a "patient led NHS", the proposed change from local management to a more centralised approach will disadvantage local people, whilst what is needed is a period of consolidation, so that health practitioners can concentrate on effective service delivery to their patients.

4. Council is especially concerned about options A and B for Primary Care Trusts boundaries, which would create one (option A) or two (option B) large trusts covering the whole of Hampshire. The Council believes that the remoteness from, and lack or real accountability of, such trusts, to the local communities they would serve -

(1) would mean that decision-making would not take proper account of local needs,

(2) would undermine effective local partnership working, including within local strategic partnerships,

(3) would result in local communities finding it more difficult for their views to be heard; and

(4) would be contrary to the thrust of Government (ODPM) policy in "Creating sustainable communities".

5.5.Whilst option C (three large trusts reflecting current informal "alliance" arrangements) is less bad from this perspective, the Council is not persuaded that this would be better for patients and the community than the current Eastleigh and Test Valley South PCT structure.

6. The Council’s concerns be raised with local Members of Parliament, the Chair and Chief Executive of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Strategic Health Authority, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association, and the Local Government Association."

Last update: 15/11/2005
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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