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Agenda for Association Meeting held on 30 January 2009

Please note that all the reports attached to this agenda are in 
.PDF format

Test Valley Borough Council offices in Andover on Friday 30 January at 10.00 am.

For further information on this Agenda, please contact Nick Goulder (tel: 023 8068 8431)


1. Welcome by the Mayor of Test Valley, Councillor Brian Page MBE

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 28 November 2008 (paper 3)

4. Presentation by Government Office South East on current legislation and developments in the South East

Colin Byrne, Regional Director, and Howard Ewing, Deputy Regional Director with responsibility for Hampshire/Isle of Wight, will give a presentation and invite questions

5. Concessionary Travel

Presentation by the Department for Transport and background report by the Director in consultation with lead Chief Executive for Planning and Transport, Simon Eden and the Chief Financial Officers’ Group (paper 5)

6. Prosperous Places: Taking Forward the Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration

Report by Simon Eden (Chief Executive, Winchester City Council) (paper 6) Annex

7. Hampshire and Isle of Wight Improvement - Annual Report

Report by Lead Chief Executive for Improvement, Will Godfrey (paper 7) Annex

8. Terms of Reference for the Joint Authorities’ Gypsy and Traveller Panel

Report by the Director (paper 8)

9. Subscriptions and Budget for the Association 2009/2010

Report by the Treasurer and Dave Yates, Lead Chief Executive for Association Business (paper 9) Annex

10. Five Minute Slot and Future Agenda

Report by the Director (paper 10)

11. Date of next meeting

To note that the next meeting of the Association is scheduled to take place on Friday 27 March 2009 at 10.00 am in the Council Chamber, Fareham Borough Council








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