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Action Plan 1999-2001


The Association, HIOW, was formed in 1997 and quickly developed an ambitious Action Plan covering its first two years 1997 to 1999. The first Action Plan started with a European perspective, and went on to consider the new Labour Government’s agenda, looked at developments in the South East region and finally set out priority areas of policy to be developed in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This "roll forward" Plan deals solely with the priority areas of policy. 


The Regional Development Agency and Regional Assembly
1.1 HIOW will work with the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) and South East Regional Assembly (SEERA) to assist the South East region to prosper and to further the interests of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. In particular, HIOW will assist SEERA in its scrutiny role and in participating in SEEDA's working groups. HIOW will maintain contact with Hampshire and the Isle of Wight's representatives on SEEDA and SEERA and their various committees and task groups. We will attempt to keep up to date a list of such contacts on our website (available through the Hampshire Community Network, see 2.5 below). Chief Executive, Hampshire; Chief Executive, Test Valley; Chief Executive, Basingstoke; Head of Economic Development and Tourism, Portsmouth

Policy Manager
Regional  Plans
1.2 HIOW will continue to develop a common voice for its member authorities in assisting SERPLAN to plan, monitor and manage the South East regional planning strategy. HIOW will also consider, and help to develop, related plans such as the Regional Economic Strategy. In particular, HIOW will try and see that:

* these plans dovetail; and

* that they are in the best interests of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Chief Executive, Havant; Chief Executive, Hampshire; County Planning Officer, Hampshire 

Policy Manager

Chief Executives' Group
1.3 HIOW will particularly work to develop "joined up" Government (taking into account planning, integrated transport, and other major policy areas) at the regional level.
Policy Manager
The ILG Steering Group
2.1 It is expected that the Improving Local Governance (ILG) Steering Group - which considers how to improve joint working between Hampshire County Council and the District, Town and Parish Councils of Hampshire - will continue to meet regularly. The main areas for work will be some of the key policy matters for HIOW such as integrated transport and community safety. The District Audit Service is currently working with Chief Executives to develop this work.
Chief Executive, Hampshire

County Surveyor, Hampshire; Chief Executive, New Forest
Integration of Working Systems and Customer
2.2 Information Points

Chief Executives have established a joint customer service development group (which is led by the Unitary and County authorities) and asked the group to report on:

* the development of minimum standards for customer service across the area

* a development programme for joint information points, to include proposals for enhancing joint training and development of frontline reception and telephonist staff.

Customer Service Development Group
2.3 Telecoms

A telecoms contract is being developed by Hampshire County Council, in consultation with other authorities to:

* achieve better value

* improve telephone and internet contact with the public

Telecoms Group
2.4 Integrated Telephone/E-mail director

Alongside better integration of telecoms, runs the development of a unified telephone and e-mail directory for public sector services in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight; the prototype can be seen on the Hampshire Community Network (www.hcn) under "Contacts".

Telecoms Group
2.5 Hampshire Community Network

The authorities are continuing to develop links between their websites to facilitate customer service. The key project here is the development of the Hampshire Community Network.

Chief Executive, Fareham; Head of IT Services, Hampshire
Best Value
2.6 Member authorities - Portsmouth City Council and Gosport Borough Council = are pilot sites for the Government's "Best Value" regime. HIOW has established a Best Value Network led by Test Valley Borough Council. This network, (which includes Southampton, Bournemouth and Poole Councils, District Audit and the Local Government Information Unit), will continue t share best practice and help develop local approaches to Best Value.
Director of Property, Business and Regulatory, Hampshire; Director of Resources, Test Valley 
2.7 HIOW will continue to review the potential for joint purchasing, using the expertise of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Supplies Officers' Group. L.A. Supplies Group
Better Use of Staff
2.8 Through the Personnel Officers' Group, in conjunction with the staff side and the South East Employers' organisation, HIOW will develop better joint working for staff development. Personnel Officers' Group
Structure Plan Roll Forward
3.1 HIOW will continue to work to achieve as much consensus between the Structure Plan authorities as possible, and to facilitate consultation on Structure Plan issues with member District, Town and Parish Councils. Structure Plan Authorities
Integrated Transport
3.2 HIOW will work to ensure that the four Local Transport Plans for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are considered together, in line with corporate, land use and economic strategies. County Surveyor, Hampshire; Chief Executive, Test Valley
Local Agenda 21
3.3 The HIOW Environmental Co-ordinators' Group will prepare a report on implementing LA21 and HIOW will consider what further joint action might be needed. Chief Executive, Test Valley;
Police Officer, Hampshire
Economic Development
3.4 HIOW will continue to seek regular reports from the main economic partnerships and SEEDA. Chief Executive, Rushmoor; Head of Economic Development, Hampshire
 Social Inclusion
3.5 Best practice will be shared between authorities, following the debate at HIOW in March 1999. County Education Officer, Hampshire; Chief Executive, Test Valley
3.6 HIOW will work to develop joint working and to enhance local authority input to Health Improvement Programmes. Chief Executive, Eastleigh; Director of Social Services, Hampshire
 Community Safety
3.7 The Association will continue to support the joint arrangements now established with the Police Authority, Probation and other partners for dealing with community safety and the new crime and disorder legislation. Lead officers will report back regularly with particular reference to the implementation of community safety strategies, drawing attention to further areas of co-operation between the authorities. Chief Executive, Hampshire; Chief Executive, New Forest; Chief Executive, Basingstoke
3.8 Best practice will be shared between authorities on implementation of the Mcpherson recommendations following the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.
Lifelong Learning
3.9 HIOW will pay particular interest in this initiative by member authorities and seek reports back on progress.
To be agreed
Modernising Local Government
3.10 HIOW will continue to work with the LGA to influence legislation on the nature of our local democracy. In particular HIOW will work to ensure the greatest possible flexibility for local forms of political structure. Chief Executive, Hampshire
Government Consultations
3.11 HIOW will consider the potential impact on Hampshire and the Isle of Wight of emerging Government policy eg to be set out in the Urban and Rural Policy White Papers, and in the "Modernising Government" While Paper.
Chief Executives' Group
Policy Manager
Strategic Defence Review
3.12 HIOW will continue to work with MoD and others to monitor the impact of the Strategic Defence Review on Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Chief Executive, Gosport; Head of Policy, Hampshire
4.1 HIOW will continue to develop joint working with partner organisations to ensure that, as far as possible, action across different policy areas is related. HIOW will press for regular reports from partners to see that this is being achieved.
Policy Manager
5. LGA
5.1 HIOW will continue to maintain close contact with the LGA and provide a mechanism for sub-regional consultation.
Policy Manager
Asylum Seekers/Kosovo Refugees
6.1 HIOW authorities will work through the South Central Consortium. Directors of Social Services; Chief Executive, Hart
7.1 A work programme will be prepared, with target dates for report to HIOW, in association with the various officer support groups. Policy Manager

4 June 1999


GOSE Government Office for the South East
HIOW Association of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities
ILG Improving Local Governance
LGA Local Government Association
SEEDA South East England Development Agency
SEERA South East England Regional Assembly
SERPLAN South East England Regional Planning Forum

Last update: 17/07/2001
Author: Nick Goulder, Policy Manager

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