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Minutes of meeting held on 7 July 2004 


Notes  for  meeting held on the 7 July 2004 at 10.00am co-hosted by Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council

Janice Brill

Basingstoke & Deane DC

Robert Chambers

East Hants DC

Jo Goodwin

Eastleigh BC

Julie Petty

Gosport BC

Geoff Charnley

Fareham BC

Katie Crabb

Hampshire CC

Sue Sylvester

Hampshire CC

Lori Hartt

Hart  DC

Ian Lacey

Isle of Wight C

Nick Goulder


Dottie Dabrowska

New Forest DC

Stephen Press

Southampton CC

Jacky Adams

Winchester CC


Carole Newland – Eastleigh BC

Dave Perry – Fareham BC                         Kelly Nash – Portsmouth CC

Jane Terry – Hart DC                                Bob Cooke and Ian Elves – Rushmoor BC

Andy Rudd – Havant BC                           Susannah Long – Southampton CC

Heidi Marshall – Isle of Wight C                 Roger Smith – Test Valley BC

1.         Audit  Commission (AC) – Martin Robinson and Simon Hughes

The Audit Commission handed out documents which they had prepared for a recent HIOWLA Districts Chief Executive Meeting which were discussed.

Ø      Hampshire district councils:  CPA Scores January 2004

      This is a breakdown of the Districts scores but does not include East Hants as their       results have note been published yet.

      The AC suggested that PPRN as a group might like to look at:
Performance Management

Ø      Detailed analysis of Hampshire district councils’ improvement priorities

This information was taken from the CPA improvement plans but only includes 9 out of the 11 districts. 

      The areas were AC felt more collaboration could take place are:

            Policy framework
Community Strategy
Performance Management
Customer focus

Ø      Key themes emerging from improvement planning in Hampshire Districts

The AC would welcome any comments about these analyses ie have they got the right things in the right columns?  Please feel free to contact the Audit Commission direct or via Nick Goulder.

Performance Management

The 4 key questions that the AC were focussing on under performance management were:

1.      Do members and managers have the right mechanisms and information to enable them to both measure and manage performance effectively? 

2.      Do staff know what is expected of them and do managers know if they are achieving it?

3.      Has the council assessed the risks inherent in its corporate and service plans?

4.      Does the council ensure that it is making its resources work in the best way to deliver value for money?


At the next CPA the AC will be checking to see if councils are taking action to improve known performance and are they using and is it effective?

One of the AC’s suggestions that we might like to develop smart PIs which have a cross county significance or geographical significance or special interest .

The AC will be shortly publishing case studies on good performance management and any barriers and they recommended we look at I&DEA’s Managers guide to performance management http://www.idea.gov.uk/publications/?id=019

A short discussion took place on how we see PPRN’s role within HIOWLA.  It was agreed that the Chief Execs need to strengthen relationships but equally the Chief Execs will be looking to PPRN to offer advice as to how these relationships can be forged.  It was agreed that Nick Goulder should act as liaison between the HIOWLA Chief Executives Group and PPRN and that Performance Management is a key theme

2.      Procurement Presentation – Neil Jones, Hampshire County Council

Whilst it was recognised that not all of us who attend PPRN may have  procurement as part our their remit it was felt from a policy development side we should be aware of what is going on in the South East and should pass on the presentation to Procurement contacts in  our authorities.

There were two areas for consideration:

Should there be a HIOWLA Procurement full time post funded by Districts, County and Unitaries with a possibility of funding from the ODPM capacity building money?

Would HIOWLA authorities be interested in undertaking an analysis of procurement activity and like to participate in sharing the results of these analyses?

3.      Risk Strategy Presentation – Janice Brill, Basingstoke & Deane

Janice gave us an  overview of how Basingstoke and Deane produced their Risk Strategy and its implementation.

4.      Performance Management

A group ‘idea shower’ took place looking at areas which would give shared benefit of working together, with the following issues raised

Ø      CPA

Raising awareness of how CPA is changing –

Katie Crabb  to e-mail PPRN contacts when next CPA 2005 consultation is out.

      Future CPA centred meeting focussing on the strategy for gearing up for the next             CPA?

Ø      Performance Monitoring

Sue Sylvester mentioned that the South Eastern Counties Performance Indicator Group were arranging a Performance Monitoring Session in Winchester on Thursday 26 August.  If anyone is interested in attending please e-mail Sue and she will forward all the information in due course.    sue.sylvester@hants.gov.uk

Ø      Performance Indicators

Particularly outcome focussed PIs – shared learning 

Gaining ownership of PIs by the managers so its not just left to the corporate teams 

As mentioned earlier, Audit Commission suggested develop smart PIs which have a cross county significance or geographical significance or special interest

Ø      e-enabling of Performance Systems and reporting

Ø      Awareness raising for members – ie sharing a generic PowerPoint presentation so that members across HIOWLA receive the same messages!

Ø      How do you change from performance measurement into management?

Ø      Case Studies

Virtual networking

It was agreed that communications was key and that we should use e-mail to communicate to PPRN members in order to share joint procurement and learning and to signpost events/information which may be relevant

Ø      Such as when authorities are looking at  working with consultants, to e-mail the PPRN network to see if any other HIOWLA authority may also be interested

Ø      Sharing details of  performance management events/workshops/information that are going on in the HIOWLA and adjacent areas


A map/list  of all HIOWLA Groups would be helpful.  Nick Goulder to be asked to investigate.

Risk/Procurement and Performance Management Contacts

It was agreed that all PPRN contacts should forward to Katie Crabb their authorities’ risk, procurement and performance management contacts.  Once this has been received Katie will then circulate the full listing.

PPRN Contacts

 A list of the current PPRN contacts was circulated.  Please e-mail Katie Crabb with your amendments so that it can be re-circulated.

Future of PPRN

In order to ensure the continuity of the PPRN Network it was agreed to re-visit the role and involvement of the Steering Group.  It would be helpful to have somebody who is responsible for holding key information such as list of contacts etc. Dotty and Janice agreed to do this.

Dates and venues of Next Meeting

September/ October             New Forest
January 2005                       Fareham & Gosport
April 2005                           Basingstoke & Deane


Last update: 02/11/2004
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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