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Hampshire Strategic Partnership Event - 12 October 2005

Hampshire Strategic Partnership LAA Event 12th October Feedback

Over 130 partners attended the event on the 12th October which was held at the Winchester Guildhall. The day gave partners an opportunity to hear the development of the Hampshire LAA from when the LAA was announced late June 2005 to the work over the summer, including the results from the consultation on the draft LAA document. This was presented by Andrew Lloyd, Chief Executive from Rushmoor Borough Council on behalf of the LAA Executive. (Please go to (link) to view the presentation. This was followed by a presentation from Cathy Evans from GOSE on what the government will be expecting to see in the LAA document. (Please go to (link) to view this presentation.

The main part of the day was for stakeholders to take part in workshops on the nine priority areas for action, which were facilitated by the nine leads who in partnership, had worked up some proposals under these priority areas.

Partners were asked in the workshops to consider the following questions:

(1) Can these proposals fit with the new proposed framework: of:

young people

vulnerable older people

infrastructure and conditions for a prosperous and sustainable Hampshire

(2) In order to deliver these proposals, what are the barriers and how can these be overcome?

Workshop Headline feedback

Workshop A: Supporting educational achievement Felicity Roe

Better Parenting was seen as an action that a lot of partners could contribute towards delivering on

Joint training- core skills for working with children and young people

Information on services needs to be more available

Make more use of the voluntary sector

Tapping into funding streams

Workshop B: Support for Business John Gregory

The two groups decided on 4 areas of action to take forward

To encourage unemployed disadvantaged people (age, health problems) back to work and to encourage businesses to employ these groups

Support for the rural economy

Increase skills

Enterprise innovation and start up

Workshop C: Positive activities for young people Stuart Nundy

Support for action area, but maybe as a cross cutting area as opposed to on its own

Focus on improving choice and diversity

Involvement of the voluntary sector

Workshop D: Co-ordination of transport and access Iain Reeve

There was agreement with this priority and the suggested pilots

Not just transport issue but access and should be cross cutting

Needs to be action oriented

Involvement of the voluntary sector

Look at cross boundary issues

Look at sustainability as well

Workshop E: Access to housing and accommodation Tony Hall

Reduced the actions down to 5- increase supply of land for housing, bringing empty homes back into use, older persons housing stock, increase provision of housing for vulnerable adults, to ensure private sector dwellings are well maintained

Need clearer links to PUSH and the RES

3 areas for focus miss out vulnerable adults

Workshop F: Crime, Ant-social behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse Simon Cole/ Matthew Greening

The 3 new areas for focus are not helpful in terms of the process

Infrastructure should also include building the capacity in the community

How does LPSA2 fit in

How do we deliver locally and across the county

Drugs and alcohol issues fit well in this priority

Huge responsibility on the delivery group of the LAA

Should be based on need- who will define need

Workshop G: Health and well-being Liz Steel

The 3 new areas for focus are not helpful for this priority- misses out adults

Proposed 3 areas for action under this priority- healthy lifestyles, children and young people, older and vulnerable people- these 3 areas build on the LPSA2 work

Sexual and Domestic Violence was raised as an issue to be included

Last update: 10/04/2006
Author: Nick Goulder, Director

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