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Supporting People Distribution Formula - response from ODPM

Thank you for your letter dated 19 September to David Miliband regarding the Supporting People Distribution Formula. I am replying as the Minister with responsibility for the programme.

From the inception of the Supporting People programme it has been the intention to move away from the inherited distribution of funding, which reflects an uneven and inequitable distribution of resources between Authorities to ensure that funding better reflects relative need. The intention of the programme  is to target needs more effectively and one way of achieving this may be to use, to a limited extent, a needs based distribution formula, that takes account of the number of vulnerable people in each area, local costs, and the level of deprivation.

The Government appreciate that timing of the introduction of change is critical, particularly given the vulnerability of the people receiving Supporting People services, and anticipate that any changes will be introduced very gradually.

A decision on the use of the distribution formula in future years has yet to be taken. We have been working closely on developing the formula further with local government associations and we will be consulting shortly on funding allocations for 2006/7 and 2007/8. I can confirm that we will honour the commitment made by Lord Rooker that in 2006/7 and 2007/08 no Authority will receive a reduction in grant of greater than 5%.

The consultation will last for a minimum of twelve weeks and we welcome any contribution you can make to this process.

Phil Woolas MP
Minister for Local Government






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Last update:  04/08/2008
Author:          Nick Goulder, Director


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