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Sale of Public Sector Land

Further representations sent from the Vice-Chairman of the Association to Lord Rooker on 2 April 2003

I refer to representations made by this Association to the Deputy Prime Minister in our letter dated 14 February. I had copied this letter to the Regional Director who replied for the ODPM on 26 February.

His reply deals with the need for better liaison over land releases, and we welcome this.

However, his letter does not address the main issue which concerns Treasury rules.  The 1992 Treasury rules require Government departments to sell to the highest bidder regardless of other Government priorities for the locality - for example retention of historic buildings or provision of affordable housing. We also suggest that the impact of Crown Immunity rules be reviewed.

The thrust of the Deputy Prime Ministerís strategy in the Communities Plan will be greatly enhanced if the 1992 Treasury rules are amended to allow disposals to be tuned to local planning policy.

This Association therefore requests the Government to institute a review of the rules covering Government land disposals in the light of the Communities Plan.






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Last update:  04/08/2008
Author:          Nick Goulder, Director


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